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Xinxiang Bofu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. locates in Huixian City (Gong Cheng) in the junction North China Plains and Taihang Mountain. The mountains and rivers are beautiful and the history is long. The first year of Western Zhou Dynasty Started here. The folk customs are simple, hardworking and brave. During the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the beautiful bronzes like Fuchai Sword, Zilong Tripot were produced.

Our company relies on local casting, processing, heat treatment and other resource advantages, mainly engaged in metallurgy, mining, building materials, electrical machinery installation engineering design, engineering project supervision and technical services, sales of mechanical equipment and spare parts, chemical products; Also engaged in goods and technology Import and export business

Identity & positioning 


Due to the decentralized structure of our team members, we meet our customers' requirements with maximum flexibility and vitality. We offer faster, better solutions through shorter paths.


As a highly specialized engineering and technical team, we provide the right ideas and skills for each challenge and provide the greatest experience and expertise. We help our clients stay ahead in a broad way while ensuring the success of our company.


Our minds are open to innovation and passionate about scientific research. We have a visionary way of thinking and thinking outside the box. - This is how we continue to drive development.

Cooperate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our company's corporate culture and an important part of its corporate strategy. For many years, we have been adhering to ecological and social responsibility.

Responsible behavior is at the heart of Bofu's corporate culture. The company also has its own code of conduct, which forms the basis for ethical and legally sound employee behavior. Its main focus is on protecting free competition, avoiding corruption and observing human rights.

Bofu actively fulfills its social responsibilities and supports social, cultural and educational affairs in various ways.


Bofu encourages innovation. Continue to develop and improve products and production processes with its increasing R&D investment

The main innovations of Bofu Engineering include intelligent production, processing business and new production processes, material technology and products, component development and complete system solutions.


We adhere: "Ecological civilization is the product of the development of industrial civilization to a certain stage, and is a new requirement for the harmonious development of man and nature. To build an ecological civilization, it is not to abandon industrial civilization and return to the original production and life style, but to base on the carrying capacity of resources and environment, base on the laws of nature, with the goal of sustainable development and harmony between man and nature, we will build a civilized society with productive development, rich life and good ecology.”

Employee Participation

Our idea is to let employees participate in the company through the shares they own, by pooling their voting rights to turn them into a stable core shareholder and benefiting them from the success of Bofu Engineering as an individual shareholder.

Social Skills

For us, “education” means more than just imparting professional knowledge. Equally important are the development of personal and social skills, the ability to work in teams, and learn to deal with other cultures, such as travel abroad, and advances in health and fitness. Language learning/travel opportunities and short trips, as well as team building programs and outdoor training are part of the training.


Employee participation is the process whereby employees are involved in decision making processes, rather than simply acting on orders


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